Prevention is better than cure

Unfortunately, sometimes we get it wrong and it hits us hard. If you commit an offence under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 you could be fined, your licence could be suspended, your Manager’s Certificate could be suspended, or you could be issued with an infringement notice.

The offences under the Act are contained in Sub part 8 and start at section 233. You and your team need to be familiar with them. The most commonly offended against are:

S239 – Sale or supply to minors and people under purchase age

S245 – Permitting minors to be in restricted or supervised areas

S247 – Unauthorised sale or supply

S248 – Sale or supply to intoxicated people

S249 – Allowing people to become intoxicated

S252 – Allowing intoxication on licensed premises

You also need to understand the requirements and restrictions which include things like having non-alcoholic drinks and food available, displaying your licence and for clubs, sale and supply in clubs to members only. The restrictions and requirements can be found at sections 46 to 60, 150(2) and 231(1).

Some of these offences hold fines on conviction of up to $10,000 or a licence suspension of up to seven days.

The premises, duty manager and/or staff could also be issued with an infringement notice from the police for not complying with certain sections of the Act.

Offence Section Max fine Infringement fee

Manager intoxicated on duty 250 $4,000 $500

Employee intoxicated on duty 251 $2,000 $500

Not complying with other restrictions: 259 $5,000 $250.00

DM full name not displayed (S258(1)(b)

Licence not displayed (S56)

Any licence condition (S63)

The best way to prevent offending is to have the best systems, staff, and training in place.

Train your staff regularly. Make sure they know how to be a great host and comply with the Act at the same time. Get your team working together. Your duty manager can't do it on their own.

If you need help with staff training, training documents, training plans or need some advice about enforcement actions call us now 0800 ALCOHOL.